STUF 鑿井慈善活動

STUF United Fund’s first water well was completed in 2013 in Haiti, benefiting 1000 local residents and the second one is completed this year, helping 500 people in the rural area of Ghana. According to UN, at least 700 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

Through STUF CEO Ms. Kico Lin’s donor-designated grant, STUF can deliver clean drinking water to those in need. More information is available on Generosity Official Site


IMG-HaitiFlagProject Location:Redoute, Cabaret, Haiti
GPS:Latitude 018 44.800 N Longitude: 072 22.835 W
People Served:1,000
Type of water source:Hand Pump Well
Environment Status:47.9% without access to an improved water source、82.5% without adequate sanitation services、Human Development Rank:158 out 187
Project completion:2013

COUNTRY INFORMATION:After suffering a series of devastating natural disasters in 2008, the country of Haiti was desperately in need of reconstruction and humanitarian relief.

Then again in 2010, Haiti was hit by natural disaster, but this time it was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake — the strongest to hit the national more than 200 years. The country was left in ruins.

Before the 2010 earthquake, the water and sanitation infrastructure in Haiti was tenuous at best, but now the situation is much worse. Many wells that were damaged or destroyed must now be rehabilitated, and in areas where there was no previous access to clean water, new wells much be drilled.

The water crisis in Haiti is also marked by widespread waterborne illness including a massive cholera epidemic that hit the country in October 2010. Although the international community has offered a robust response to assist the people of Haiti, it still remains the poorest country in the western hemisphere and ranked 158 out of 187 on the Human Development Index.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION:The community was provided with borehole and hand pump well. Our team on the ground focuses extensively on long term development in the communities we partner with, empowering them to take ownership over the water projects through the creation of water management committees. Through these committees, community members are trained in financial and technical well management and maintenance.

IMG-GhanaFlagProject Location:Krabi Obosomase, Ghana
GPS: Latitude:N05.72726 Longitude: W000.49710
Type of Water source:Hand Pump Well
People Served:500
Environment Status:21.2% without access to an improved water source、87.5% without adequate sanitation services、Human Development Rank:138 out 187
Project completion:2015

COUNTRY INFORMATION:Ghana is one of the most densely populated countries in the African continent, and although 80% of Ghana’s population has access to clean water, this statistic masks the extreme inequality between rural and urban areas. In rural areas, more than a third of Ghanaian people don’t have access to clean water, and nearly 90% do not have access to sanitation. Ghana’s government has prioritized reducing poverty and increasing water and sanitation access, but it has proven difficult to move from national-level initiatives to local-level implementation, which means that the inequality in rural areas continues.Generosity Water is helping to overcome these challenges, and out of the 18 countries our organization has worked in, Ghana is home to the most Generosity Water projects—with a total of 144 wells built to bring clean drinking water to over 100,000 people.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION:Krabi Obosomase is a farming community in the Ga South District of Grater Accra Region of Ghana. The members of this community are farmers or petty traders. They grow pineapples, pawpaw, cassava, plantain, tomatoes, pepper and other crops. They live in houses that well built with clay and concrete blocks, and roofed with zinc sheets. They are churches in village but there is no school or clinic to serve community.

Before the team arrived, the community depended on shallow wells and streams. Some of the people also harvested rainwater for personal use. Due to the need for a clan and reliable water source, the team constructed a new well with fitted pipes inside. A block wall was constructed and cemented around it, and a pipe with a new Nira pump was provided to dispense the fresh water.

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